Your child may do things that he or she is not supposed to do such as not listening, hurting herself or others, or continuously repeating actions or words or he or she may be far behind in communication, self-help, social and academic skills.

For the reduction of problem behaviors, EIBI involves:

an analysis of the situation in which the problem behavior occurs,
an analysis of the outcomes that maintain the behavior, and
function-based therapy to reduce the frequency of the problem behavior

For the improvement in communication delays, EIBI involves:

an emphasis on teaching your child to ask for things that she wants using vocals, American Sign Language (ASL) or a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to lay the groundwork for further language development.

For the improvement of deficits in self-help, social and academic skills, EIBI involves:

  • breaking the skills into smaller parts,
  • teaching one sub-skill at the time,
  • repeated practice until mastery,
  • use of prompting and prompt fading to make sure your child is always succesful (errorless learning)
  • frequent use of rewards

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